Tips For Your Database Center Design

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Cloud computing, big data, virtualization and IT consumerization are all finding their places within today’s data center. As with anything with information technology:  the bigger the service or platform, the bigger the target.

Numerous surveys of IT decision makers cite the issue of security and availability as the major impediment to the adoption of cloud computing. After a string of high-profile attacks against financial services companies and online retailers, Internet data centers are increasingly the targets of hackers and cyber-criminals who view them as vulnerable to new and different kinds of attacks. Not surprisingly, Internet data center operators, public and private, must now reassess their defenses against the primary threat to availability—distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS).

Attacks are moving from volumetric-based—where they try to simply overwhelm the connection with data— to more sophisticated, application-layer attacks that target specific services and are not high-bandwidth, making them difficult to identify. This white paper not only outlines the need to protect your data center – it also discusses the new application-layer DDoS attacks which threaten a myriad of services from Web commerce to DNS and from email to online banking.

With that in mind – it has become more important than ever to deploy as many intelligent security solutions around your data center as possible. Download this white paper today to learn about five great ways to help further secure your important data center environment. This includes:

1.) Protect data centers from threats that cannot be stopped by other security devices

2.) Secure the availability of the most important asset: the data center services

3.) Protect the data center infrastructure and connectivity as well as customer services and data

4.) Provide much needed visibility at the data center edge and inside data centers

5.) Detect emerging threats by looking beyond the borders of the data center

With even more focus around the modern data center – IT administrators must find ways to better secure their infrastructure. There’s no doubt that reliance around data center platforms will continue to increase. This means that every security measure which can help your environment safe from new types of attacks must be considered.

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