…Almost 4 years later, it still works exactly as designed and I have yet to discover anything that compares. One of my (prior) responsibilities included overseeing Information Technology operations for a multinational pharmaceutical company.

…the facility’s roof had rapidly deteriorated. Many leaks in the roof permitted water to quickly find a path to the Data Room ceiling. In fact, a leaking roof drain directly over the main computer racks put all of the company’s data at risk which could have drastically affected their operations worldwide…..

… quickly installed and tested the Aqua Tray System in a matter of days. Just a few weeks later, we were hit with a major storm. I watched as water leaking from the roof, poured onto the ceiling of the Data Room, and was funneled away via the Aqua Tray System. Not a drop of water made it into the Data Room. It was truly amazing!….

Milan Baria, President & CEO, BlueClone Networks

Our corporate client had a legacy tele-com switch (room) that they needed to protect from possible water leaks. AquaTray® was the perfect solution to their dilemma. The installation went smoothly and the cost was much less than (other solutions).

Dennis M., Account Manager, First Tech Corporation