Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How does AquaTray® Leak Barrier Ceilings system work?

    AquaTray® Leak Barrier Ceiling system is a pre-engineered system of waterproof ceiling drainage trays with interconnecting tubing that captures and safely drains away overhead fluid leaks to a desired location. Durable flashing tape applied above provides a leak barrier solution for a series of trays over protected equipment, critical area or room. When properly designed and installed, the system provides unattended protection from a sizable leak that is ready 24/7/365.

  • 2. Does AquaTray® Leak Barrier Ceilings work with a standard T-grid ceiling?

    Yes. AquaTray® Leak-Barrier Ceiling integrates and installs with new or existing 15/16” standard intermediate duty T-grid ceilings, although it is best to install with a new, purpose built heavy-duty data center ceiling.  The Gordon DG-1.5 system is a common recommendation.

  • 3. Can AquaTray® Leak Barrier Ceiling system be used for full ceiling coverage?

    Yes. Arrange the trays in any configuration in a ceiling grid for large-area full ceiling coverage or small- area partial ceiling coverage.  For a full ceiling coverage area additional “emergency” drains are recommended in the case of a catastrophic leak event.

  • 4. Are all system components available for purchase at AquaTray® LLC?

    The system is supplied complete with all accessories up to but not including the final drain riser piping (exclusive of miscellaneous materials; t-grid, hanger wire, etc.). AquaTray® Bulkhead fittings and interconnecting tubing at tray channels are field installable to any panel configuration.

  • 5. Does AquaTray® Leak Barrier Ceilings meet interior building codes and standards?

    When the AquaTray® system is installed and inspected, through the permitting process by local building code officials, the AquaTray® system will meet typical interior building codes and standards (Class 1A Fire Rating for an interior finish material).

  • 6. What is the maximum flow and resulting weight of the AquaTray®-Leak Barrier Ceilings system?

    3” Deep channels around the perimeter of each interconnected ceiling tray provides a maximum of flowing capacity at a minimum of developed weight.  A collection of (6) trays installed in a flat ceiling were flow tested to result in a maximum flow capacity of 15 gallons per minute before overflowing.  In the overflow condition the system flooded weight is about 100 lbs per panel or 12.5 lbs/SF.  This is slightly higher than the rated capacity of an intermediate duty grid.  This is why we recommend additional wire hanger supports (1 at each corner of each drainage panel).  For a heavy duty data center ceiling (minimum 25 PSF capacity) additional supports are not needed – just hold down clips.

  • 7. Is AquaTray® Leak Barrier Ceilings fire rated?

    Yes. The main drainage panels are made of high quality, class 1A fire rated materials to meet or exceed commercial building code requirements for interior finish materials, suitable for permanent ceiling installations. The main drainage trays and all exposed flat panels are made of ASTM-E-84 Class 1A fire rated material (Fire 25/Smoke 450).

  • 8. Is AquaTray®-Leak Barrier Ceilings plenum rated?

    No. The higher flame rating of a plenum rated material (Fire 25/Smoke 50) is not currently achievable. We are currently working on designs that will meet that requirement.

  • 9. Does AquaTray LLC provide a design for the installation?

    We do not provide a design since this may need to be performed by a licensed professional (Architect, Interior Designer, Engineer, Design-Build Contractor).  We do, however, provide “suggested layout” drawings with associated guidance for installation that can be used by the licensed professional.  If you provide us with a floor plan, reflected ceiling plan (and photos of existing facilities) with the size and layout of protected equipment we can prepare the suggested layout together with a bill of materials and a quotation.

  • 10. Where is the AquaTray® System sold?

    AquaTray® is a NJ based company with sales representatives throughout the United States and Canada.  To purchase, please contact one of our sales representatives that are located in your state. You can view their contact information by clicking here.

  • 11. What is the availability of the AquaTray® System?

    We maintain all materials in stock at our warehouse near Allentown, PA.  We can configure and ship most orders within a few days.  Most small to medium sized orders ship through UPS ground shipping.  The main drainage trays nest together (8) to a box (2’x4’x1’) for a weight of about 55 lbs each.   Larger orders can be palletized and shipped by Truck.

  • 12. Does AquaTray® install the product?

    No. AquaTray® is the manufacturer and supplier of the product. However, it has been our experience that any good commercial ceiling installer can handle the AquaTray® system installation. We provide detailed installation instructions with each order or instructions can be downloaded from our website. We are available to provide guidance to the Contractor for the system installation if needed.

  • 13. What is the cost?

    Typically the system costs from $25.00 to $30.00 per square foot.  This does not include, shipping, sales tax (if applicable) and installation. Different installation has differing needs, therefore the pricing varies.  Contact us directly at or by calling one of our sales representatives to get a material quote for your installation.

  • 14. Does AquaTray ® - Leak Barrier Ceilings need to be installed on a slope or pitch?

    No. Flow occurs even in a level ceiling because the drainage channels that project down from the ceiling by 3-1/2” generate an elevation head when containing a leak. In order to achieve the maximum flow the final drain pipe layout and size should be designed to accommodate this flow. Typically a 2” pipe pitched at 1/4” per foot or a 2-1/2” pipe pitched at 1/8” per foot is suitable for the main drain.

  • 15. Does the system provide a leak detection system?

    No, however, it is strongly recommended that a leak detection system be installed, tested, maintained and monitored. The AquaTray® system is intended as a back-up and safeguard only. The AquaTray ® system will accommodate the installation of standard leak detection wire within the trays or point detectors at the final drainage points. In addition, the clear tubing from tray-to-tray will provide a visual indication of any leak occurrence.

  • 16. Is the AquaTray® system “Leak Proof”?

    As we are not responsible for the actual installation we cannot guarantee that the ceiling will be “leak-proof”.  However when installed per our recommendations we can say that if an overhead leak were to occur it would likely be a minor inconvenience instead of a major catastrophe.

  • 17. If a leak occurs after installation what is recommended with regard to the AquaTray® system?

    We recommend that the system be drained, dried and cleaned to place it back into original condition. The low points of each drainage tray collect a small amount of water and must be dried out with towels or a shop vac.  Partial ceiling removal may be needed depending on the layout of the ceiling to facilitate this process.