Leak Barrier Ceilings

Water and Critical
Equipment Don’t Mix.

Capture and Carry
Away Overhead Leaks…

…and Stay Out
of the Fishbowl.

AquaTray® leak barrier ceilings carry away water from overhead leaks, protect your assets, ensure your up-time...and keep you out of the fishbowl.



Equipment Room and IT Data Center Design

1. REPLACE normal ceiling tiles in a typical T-grid ceiling over the area of mission critical equipment with AquaTray® brand drainage and diversion trays.
2. INSTALL hangers and overhead waterproof flashing then add connecting piping.
3. CONNECT a drainage pipe to a building drain or sink at the end of a series of trays.
4. PROVIDE a leak detection system (recommended).


Equipment Protection / Data Protection

If an overhead roof leak or broken pipe occurs, water is channeled from tray-to-tray, then to the sink or building drain. Also, a ceiling water leak detection alarm will be sounded. The AquaTray® system is at the ready for 24/7/365 unattended overhead leak protection.

That's PROTECTION, not just detection.

MANY LEAKS in the roof put all of the company’s data at risk. I turned to AquaTray. Just weeks later, we were hit with a major storm. I watched as water poured into the ceiling of the data room, and was FUNNELED AWAY via the AquaTray System. It was truly amazing."

Milan B., President & CEO
Blue Clone Networks


Leak Barrier Ceilings